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Brand Story

Brand Story

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  • Time of issue:2020-05-25 00:00:00
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1.Why we called Sky air-ship or SKYJET?
  Many friends or customers will ask us why we called SKY AIR SHIP(SKYJET). It is long story about our start up from 1993. Our chairman Mr LIANG knows one friend (Mr GUAN, hongkong skyair ship advertisement company) and Mr GUAN is organizing a airship project, just like FUJIFILM Japan. It was a 6 meters diameter and 20 meters length airship and we put  advertisements on it for our customers. It was kind of advertisement way of 1990s.Our chairman Mr LIANG thought this project was good and decided to cooperated with Mr GUANG to build SHENYANG SKY AIRSHIP DIGITAL PRINTING EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. We bought a USD480000 Japan airship to start our advertisement business, but because of many reasons, this project can not go on, but customers or friends remembered us by SKY AIR SHIP(SKYJET).It was still a exciting story of us all these years.


2.We want to be the pioneer although it has risk.
  Our chairman Mr LIANG is not follower but pioneer. SKYJET moved our business type from printing company to a printer manufacturer and double sided printing technology developments all are organizing by him. After 27 years development, we hope our spirit of innovation will keep going and also be inherited by SKYJET gene.

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