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Show original color 

The advertisement picture should be showed true original color whenever at daylight and night, or under lighting and no-lighting. This is the core value of advertisement picture. The double-sided printing technology is the only way to show original color.

Improve advertising value with creativity
With different designs on both sides of media,it realizes changeable and eye-catching effect to impress the customers.


High efficiency double-sided printing
Twice printing has complicated operation, low efficiency, big alignment error and high waste, SKYJET double-sided printing technology has high efficiency, high accuracy, low cost and high productivity.


One printer realizes single-sided and double-sided printing
Single & synchro double-sided printing technology combines “backlit double-sided printing, mesh double-sided printing and dual single-sided printing” , freely switch between each function, lower investment cost, improve efficiency of printer usage.


Extra High Precision Printing

4 Pound level image/words print 

Perfect double sided print Alignment 


Multi layers print 

Double sided print whatever same pattern or different pattern 


Multi media printing solution
Backlit,frontlit,PET,PVC, PVC fabric, soft film, 3P, banner,Vinyl, polyester, textile


Real Muti functional printer

“A+B+C” = (A+B)2 separately single side RTR printers and (C)1 unit double sided printer. High capacity and high efficiency working performance. One machine does 3 printers job, saving more labor cost


Extra-long lifespan
Heavy duty designed frame can keep high resolution running over at least 7 or more years.

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