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UV printer
SKYJET SDL3300 UV synchronous Single&Double sided printer
One Printer= UV single-side printer“ A” + UV single-side printer“ B” + UV double sided printer “C”. Invest one printer can get 3 printers with full-scale printing functions of this world.It is the most valuable printer for investment whatever you are a big enterprise owner or you are a new print business founder.
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UV industry high speed printer
SDM5000 owns “2 units 4 rubber rollers-frame 5meters single printer”and “1 unit 8 rubber rollers-frame 5 meters double sided printer” and make 5 meters wide-format, high speed capacity and double sided craft together in one machine. It is a high value full-function UV printer.
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SKYJET SDM synchronous double-sided printing technology has unique patent in the world,it can realize double sides printing just in one time, completely solve the global problem of color fading after lighting in light box, it is widely used at airport, subway, park, show window,signboard.etc.As a upgraded product of SKYJET double-sided printing technology,SKYJET SDM single & synchronous double-sided printer is a multifunctional UV roll to roll printer with three functions “Backlit double-sided printing, mesh double-sided printing and dual single-sided printing”,it can meet all customers’ printing demand with high cost performance and just one investment.
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UV Flatmaster 2512
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